Kurshumli An

Paul Friedlander (UK)

“Lightwave Tree”

Kinetic light installation

08.30 -12.00 pm

The installation consists of a large number of wave forms which are lit with a special form of lighting called “chromastrobic light” invented by the artist. The light changes faster than the human eye can see and as a consequence, each waveform is lit in varied bands of colour while the overall waveforms transform dynamically. The lighting is under the control of artist created software. Paul Friedlander has been developing this technology for more than ten years, working in collaboration with an electronic engineer, Louis Norwood, to perfect this new medium of artistic expression.

Sound: ”Expanding Universe” by Laurie Spiegel

Paul Friedlander is a light sculptor and scientific artist, raised in Cambridge on a diet of relativity, cosmology and contemporary art. He studied physics at the Sussex University. It was a visit to a great exhibition of kinetic art at the Hayward Gallery in London that inspired him to switch direction. After completing his physics degree he went on to take another in Fine Art at Exeter College of Art. After graduating for a second time there was a lull as he came to terms with the realisation the art world was not yet receptive to the idea of scientific artists. He took a long detour into stage lighting and stage design. His main area of interest was avant-garde music and this proved a great training and source of inspiration for much of his later work where the emphasis has often been on the creation of large scale and ephemeral site specific installations.

Paul Friedlander’s amazing kinetic sculptures have been fascinating audience all around the world, with exhibitions on four continents, in more then twenty countries. He has been awarded prestigious prizes for his artwork in Japan and USA.


Bertrand Gadenne (France)

“The Rat”, ”The Goldfish”, “The Owl”

Video projections

08.30 -12.00 pm

Opposite of Bezisten

Skopje Urban living lab

Under the Goce Delcev Bridge

Bertrand Gadenne uses video projections to explore the fictional perception of the image in public spaces, where he creates inexplicable and intriguing night-time apparitions. His work explores different categories of representation of the natural world: animal, vegetal, mineral and human.


With his projections Gadenne poses questions by studying the representation of the world in relation to the architectural characterisation of the projection site. It is a wondrous outsized apparition of nature, displaying all its predatory menace and beauty.


Gadenne’s work reminds us of the dominance of nature and the fragile presence of human culture in remote areas. The absurdist dimension of the work brings it into the realm of the everyday.

Bertrand Gadenne took his education in sculpting, but he is mainly known as a video artist. “Fragments of the World”, shown in Skopje, has been placed in most various surroundings, e.g. in Berlin, Digne-Les_bains, Centre for Contemporary Art in Pontman, Ljubljana, etc. Three monographs were published about his work: Résonances (with texts by Hélene Portiglia, Catherine Delvigne, StéphanieDeschamps and Bertrand Gadenne; Musée des Beaux-Arts–Arras, France, 2006); Bertrand Gadenne (edition with DVD including 13 documentary films, and texts by Jean Attali, Jean-Marc Huitorel, Alain Chareyre-Méjan etc., Anthese, France, 2001); Le temps suspendu (with texts by Régis Durand, Musée-Château, Annecy, France, 1993).

Bertrand Gadenne has been exhibiting his works in numerous galleries, museums and centres for contemporary art all over the world.

Daut Pasha Hamam

Kurt Laurenz Theinert (Germany) & Ema Popivoda (North Macedonia)

“Visual piano”

Live Light Concert

09.00, 10.00, 11.00 pm

The “Visual Piano” performance explores professional contemporary artistic practice through the abstract, ephemeral medium of light. Performance is unique collaboration with the pianist Ema Popivoda.

The Visual Piano is an instrument, which makes it possible to create moving images in a space. It is unique and was conceived and developed by the artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert in collaboration with the software designers Roland Blach and Philip Rahlenbeck. Using a MIDI-keyboard it generates varying graphic patterns, which are digitally projected. These dynamic and immediate drawings in light are not generated by pre-recorded clips, but every moment of the performance is being played and modulated live and in real time via the keyboard and pedals.


Ema Popivoda is performing her newest project “Acoustic electronics” where world famous electronic hits are adopted for piano and drums. Project was already acclaimed by the musical critics as unique, inspiring and refreshing.

Kurt Laurenz Theinert is a photographer and live performing light and media artist. His „visual piano“ performances are shown all around the world in Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, Berlin, New York and Singapore. He is striving for an abstract, reductiv aesthetic that has ultimately led him – through a wish for more dematerialisation – from photography to light as a medium. 

With the aid of software developer Philipp Rahlenbeck, he has created an ‘image instrument’ (visual piano) on a MIDI-keyboard basis, that allows him to translate his artistic intentions into live performances while configuring time with light. 

He creates pure visual music – live, abstract and space filling by using 360° panorama projection. There is no technical link between sound and image to enable a spontaneous dialogue between him and the musician. In his compositions and improvisations, he pries open the static properties of his projection spaces in favour of only those spatial correlations that can be perceived in the dynamics.

Ema Popivoda is an acclaimed Macedonian concert pianist and an Associate Professor of piano in her native country. She completed her doctorate studies in piano performance with the highest score in her class. Internationally active, she also participated in the “Mozarteum Summer Academy” in Austria and “Dartington Academy” in UK. Her career highlights include solo recitals in London, New York, Tokyo, Bratislava, Rome, Budapest, Brussels, Belgrade, Perg and Soloist with the West Coast Symphony orchestra – Vancouver. She is also a creator and an artistic selector of the Festival MODOARS that runs every year in Skopje, hosting famous musicians from all over the world. Alongside with her career as a classical pianist, she has simultaneously participated in new musical projects of different musical fusions. In 2015, Potevska was a soloist with Orchestra regional de Cannes, in Nice, France performing a Concert for piano, orchestra and a DJ, with the world known DJ Derrick May. Her newest project “Acoustic electronics” where world famous electronic hits are adopted for piano and drums was acclaimed by the musical critics as unique, inspiring and refreshing.

National Ballet and Opera House facade

Emil Petro  (North Macedonia)

“Game play & dance”  

Video art projection -site specific

Music: Camille Saint-Saëns, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The Trammps

08.30 -12.00 pm

“Game play & dance” is specially created for the facade of the Opera house, finding inspiration from the actual place and its story. It relates to the dance as an inspiration, as a play or as a game, and to the theatre and ballet as stage for dance, play or game. Play as a story, dance as a movement, and game as an emotion.

Emil Petro is a visual artist with strong scientific background that influences his artistic work. He is interested in multimedia arts, and often combines several different art techniques, developing own specific and unique artistic expression.

In 2002 he established his own creative design and motion graphic studio "ARTERIA", and since then he took part in various creative projects, media campaigns, as designer in theater productions, as animator, visual artist, photographer and artistic director.  In 2017 Emil Petro has received Award for the best set design for play "Figurae Veneris Historiae" at Macedonian Theater Festival "Vojdan Chernodrinski" in Prilep.

St. Dimitrija church

Circus Lumineszenz/Leo Bettinelli (Argentina/Austria)


Light & sound installation

08.30 -12.00 pm

The installation was named after the first known interstellar object to pass through the Solar System (1I/2017 U1), and reflects the way this object is like a scout or messenger sent from the distant past to reach out to us. “Oumua” is a three-dimensional object, around and below which we can transit. It’s 8 arms, 6 meters long each; hold 130 meters of led strips that display a cycle specifically created for the piece. A musical piece was originally composed to create a beautiful space of contemplation.

Circus Lumineszenz is an artistic&educational project based in Austria. Through the use of light&creative technology, Circus Lumineszenz develops multimedia environments, installations, performances and objects where the audience is invited to contemplate and enjoy, as well as to actively participate as creators of the experience. 

Leo Bettinelli began his musical studies at the 'Musical Composition with Electro-acoustic Media' course at Quilmes National University. During this time he became involved with audio-visual media mainly through theatre and working on different multimedia project. In parallel, he developed his activity as a sound technician. Leo is also a performer / improviser / composer in the field of experimental, contemporary and electro-acoustic music.  Since 2006 Leo works actively on the diffusion of experimental music and free improvisation, organising different music cycles in Argentina and Europe. Nowadays he directs the European branch of Niños Consentidos Festival. In 2012, he started a new exploration in the fields of multimedia & interactive art, and founded in Austria the project Circus Lumineszenz. Since 2018 the Light Festival "Blockhei de Leuchtet" is produced under his direction and execution. 

River bank

centar square beside Justinian momument

Radu Ignat (Romania)


Light installation

08.30 -12.00 pm

We are faceless if there is no light. Without the light to highlight our features we would be faceless. Without the differences created by the light we would all be the same. Light gives us the identity. We are all compounds of matter, but if this material would not reflect the light back we would be invisible. The same mask in the same matter can play different traits, expressions, thoughts, images or stories.

”Facelessmen” is 3 meter high mask with projection of different animations that change the features, shape or material of the mask.

Radu Ignat is a sculptor with 25 years of experience, 3d graphic designer and video mapping artist. He also has a bend of medieval performances, with sword fighting and jugglers with flags, fire and stilts.  RaduIgnat is member of the Romanian Union of Plastic Artists. He has been participating in various festivals and exhibitions around the world.

Water Supply Building

PEAK Production (Serbia/North Macedonia)


Video mapping projection

08.30 -12.00 pm

"Nothing ultimately happened in the world yet, the last word of the world and about the world is not yet revealed, the world is open and free, everything is still in the future and will always be in the future" M. Bahtin

Lighthouse as a light of the hope and as a guideline to the future. The light of salvation, something that comes as a relief and is always desirable after a dense fog, rain and wind.Lighthouse as a hope for life and extension of the species. Originality and conception of life in water. Awareness of the importance of water. Preservation of nature and natural laws and consequences arising as a result of violation and disregard for them.Fish as a personification of life and human consciousness. By violating natural laws, a person deprives himself of his freedom.The project "Lighthouse " is an attempt to show, through the cyclical narration and the specific visual identity, the significance of the forgotten values of life as such. Reflecting life through the element of water, it is shown that the future depends on its foundation, on its basis. The lighthouse is, in that case, a guard and a warning.

PEAK Production are Miroljub Matovic and David Doljanica.

Miroljub Matovic graduated graphic design at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Kragujevac, Serbia. During the study, he was working in plenty of projects as assistant. In period of 2006 until 2007 he was teaching in drawing workshop in creative center “Krcko”, Kragujevac. He was awarded with scholarship of EFG Bank named “Investing in European value”, and with scholarship “Miloš Maksimović”. After finishing study, he and his colleague Lazar Dimitrijević started with work in their Design Studio “Box”, located in Business Innovation Center in Kragujevac, where they was awarded with office for the best business idea. Member of ULUPUDUS of 2010. Three independent and more than forty collective exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. His works are published in many design books and magazines.


David Doljanica has worked in fields such as theatre, music, film and theory. In 2015, he co-directed an awarded theatre play „We go hunting“. The same year, he enrolled at „The University of Audiovisual Arts“ in Skopje, Macedonia, where he studied film directing. His movie „The Chamber“, made as an exam for the first year of studies, has premiered at the „Philosophical Film Festival“ in Skopje, and participated in festivals such as „Geofilm festival“ in Italy, „AM Egypt Film Festival“ and „Cinedays“ in Skopje. His short movie „Blue Cargo Train“ has won silver plaque at the „46th National Film festival“ in Ohrid, as well as a special mention price at „Uniqa Film Festival“ in Dortmund. Also, he is working as a director and editor on music videos and educational content programs. He is a translator of the book on film theory – „Film-Shot and its aesthetic essence“ by the author Prof.dr Stefan Sidovski. He is currently finishing his studies at the Department of Digital Arts (Faculty of Media and Communication – University Singidunum) in Belgrade.

Alley beside Vardar River

Marko Kovačič (Slovenia)


Spatial light installation

08.30 -12.00 pm

Marko Kovačič graduated in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. His artistic practice is characterized by a prominent interdisciplinary approach and a distinct taste for complexity and multimedia. He is exploring and linking performance, sound, video, sculpture and installation. In direct or media situations, he is prone to establish a symbolical space of communication in which the spectator plays an active role. The levels of significance of his entire artistic practice based on the ready-made aesthetic evoke multi-facetted references and associations that are connected to preceding attainments - chiefly those of Avant-gardes and utopian projects. If our consciousness is the result of interactions between the present and the past, then Kovačič's artefacts tell us that our future is also an unmistakable actor in this world of fragmentary perception and crumbling relations. The past memories might fill in our holes whereas the future expectations might make our lives more bearable.


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Tavern “At the Frog”

André Banha (Portugal)

”Guarding the Sunset”

Light sculpture

08.30 -12.00 pm

An impressive 'site-specific' sculpture, made of pieces of wood, evokes the presence of the Sun, which never sinks – an eternal sunset. Arisen on a strategic place where paths cross in the darkness and just beside the on of Skopje’s oldest eateries, this remarkable sculpture gives the viewer an exciting light experience. The essential element of the light sculpture lies in the interweaving of organic textures that creates patterns and shapes in enchanted appearance.

In 2006 André Banha completed the Licentiate Degree in Visual Arts in Escola Superior Artes e Design, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal after Bachelor Degree in Painting in the same college.

In the end of college he started exhibiting regularly, mainly in Portugal, in collective exhibitions, international festivals and solo. From 2012 the exhibitions were extended to other European cities, has he continues his solo work in or in specific partnership with other artists.

A selection of art exhibits:

Light Festival Alberobello, Italy 2016; Lighting Guerrilla Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2016; LUMINA Light Festival 4th Edition, Cascais, Portugal 2015; lV International Light Festival-SkyWay, Torun, Poland 2012 & 2014; Landart Cascais 2013 Portugal; Project – Cosmic Underground, multiple locations Europe 2012; Junho das Artes’11, Óbidos, Portugal 2011; Guimarães Contemporary Art, Guimarães, Portugal 2011;Finisterra, Allgarve Festival, Algarve, Portugal 2008; Jeune Création Européenne, multiple locations Europe 2007-2009; LuzBoa, II International Light Festival, Lisbon 2006.

Skate Park Stage

Shadow Puppet Theater (North Macedonia)

"Alice and the Wonders" 


09.00 pm

"Alice and the Wonders" is a shadow theater performance, which considers the topic of the existence of time as perhaps the only real touchmark with reality. Alice on her journey to the Wonderland meets various characters, each of them with their own deep beliefs about what the time is, while the only thing that connects them is the state of simultaneous chaos and status quo. She understands the never-ending story of life in transition waiting for who-knows what to happen. In order to have a better tomorrow Alice decides to act today. Vivid and visually expressive shadows with puppets and bodies that triggers our fantasy.

"What's the time? It's 6:00-forever 6:00!

How long does forever last?"

The theater troupe "Shadows and Clouds" is devoted to shadow theater play. It was founded 2005 by KrumeStefanovski and soon it got its new members, all with different professions but the same passion. The idea was to create an independent and mobile theatrical platform that would search for new expressions through an old media and reach the audience outside the theatre environment. Their repertoire consists of plays with very different topics - adaptations of old Macedonian stories, world literature stories and stories we make up ourselves. Troupe is always in search for new aesthetics and new approaches working in the direction to leave out the speech and communicate through shadows, sounds and music.


Skate Park Stage

[Radio.Nica] (Serbia)



10.00 pm

Immersive, Impressive, Eclectic!

With a help of New Circus, hand held lasers and hand-torches, overhead projectors and chemical reactions of different colours and chemical compounds on it (glycerine, Mineral oil, Methyl-ethyl Ketone, Ethil Alcohol etc.), glass crystals reflecting light, mirrors, kaleidoscopes and other visual equipment and tricks – [Radio.Nica] invites YOU to join them and head on a journey to the unseen Spheres and Worlds, all the way to the unknown infinite Universe, but also INSIDE our own personal Microcosms.

Inspired by the powerful poetry of Montenegrian Prince-bishop Petar II Petrovic Njegoš and his mind-blowing metaphysical and philosophic poem called „The Light Spark of the Microcosm“.

[Radio.Nica] is a group of artists with different backgrounds (painters, designers, performers, circus artists, theatre directors etc.) experimenting with light design, performance art, New Circus and variety of different aspects of visual performance(s). They play with different light sources, and they play live and ANALOG. They present “liquid light shows” with a help of overhead projectors and strange liquids and chemicals. They sparkle light through hand torches, lasers, kaleidoscopes, glass crystals, water tanks and other fine and reflective materials. They present their shows as “visual alchemy”.

The group was spontaneously created in 2005, after the first light design workshop, led by Nikola Zavišić, theatre director and light designer, and organized for Festival of International Student Theatre (FIST) in Belgrade. In 2012, [Radio.Nica] started working with Mira Beba Dobrković and Tanja Milanović, renowned New Circus artists, and Ana Zarubica, a multitalented artist. From that moment on [Radio.Nica] is focused on combining analog light design and “liquid light overhead projectors show(s)” with New Circus techniques and its physical and poetic potential.

Parc de la Francophonie

Goran Kazankovski (North Macedonia)

”Into The Night – Magic of the forest”

Spatial light installation

08.30 -12.00 pm

All the magic emerges at the time when the night falls and the darkness spreads out deeply into the forest. The beam of light and palette of colors will create magic. With help ofcolor and light an immersive awaking of the well-known dark park will welcome visitors into the unexpected enchanted forest.

Goran Kazankovski graduated Interior and Product Design in Macedonia. His main interest is in 3D modelling, crafting, ambiental lighting installations, product and interior design and production using CNC router and Laser Cutting systems.He has participated in group exhibitions: International Exhibition “25 Years of Love” – Accademia Italiana, Art and Crafts Markets, Skopje Light Art District 2018. He is also doing model making for commercial industry and movies. Goran Kazankovski is co-founder of Infini Art & Design Studio in Skopje, R. Macedonia.

Ezerce restaurant, City Park

Matej Bizovičar (Slovenia)

”Infected with Life”

Site-specific installation

08.30 -12.00 pm

Artist chose the remains of the former Ezero restaurant, a dear gathering place where, for the decades generations of citizens enjoyed weekend lunches and ice-creams with their grandparents. Today this iconic place is just a ruin. However, every time a man is forced to retreat for various reasons, nature returns and takes over in a few decades back the alienated space. The ability of life, to adapt and the emerging is fascinating. In its passion for constant growth and expansion, humanity is not capable of recognizing the limitations of the planet and its resorts and timely reactions. With various UV-active materials and colors Matej Bizovičar shows how he imagine the spread of various types of fantasy plants from ruins.

Matej Bizovičar graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, under the direction of prof. Gustav Gnamushu. In addition to painting, he is engaged in sculpture, spatial layouts and the production of unique artistic interior designs. Since 1993 Matej has been active in artistic and social processes at AKC Metelkova City in Ljubljana. He is one of the artists who have been involved in the creative process creating several times awarded Hostel Celica in Ljubljana. Matej is also involved in the Radio Student, being co-author of over fifty radio plays produced on this radio station.

Skolka stage, City Park



Ginko Tree, City Park

Janez Grošelj & Sabina Černič (Slovenia)

”Tree Heartbeat”

Interactive light installation

08.30 -12.00 pm

The “Tree Heartbeat” project the matises man's connection with nature, setting both in a common frame. The tree and man are thus considered as parts of a unified and connected system where many relations and interdependencies take place.

The concept of this interactive project relies on the light elements on the tree, whose canopy is crisscrossed with many LED tapes. These tapes follow the shapes of individual branches and create an organic structure that resembles the vascular system in the human body. The entering point of the system is a sensor, attached to the trunk that measures human heartbeat. Visitors can thus lay their hands on the sensor, which will make the lighted canopy pulsate in the rhythm of his or her heartbeat. The result is a new marker in the space whose light presence is conditioned by an active participation of the visitor.

Janez Grošelj graduated at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana. During his studies he collaborated with the design and implementation of projects Self-sufficient living cell (2011) and Park Geometrika for the Lighting Guerrilla festival 2015. Apart from his collaboration with various architectural projects and competitions, he also realized a series of design solutions and logos. 


Sabina Černič is finishing her studies at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana. Until now

she's collaborated with the projects Grand fathers and grand children (2011), Portorico workshop 2015) and Park Geometrika for the Lighting Guerrilla festival 2015. She's also worked between 2013 and 1014 in design and engineering for the architecturecompany Studio Omnia


Next to Kermes, City Park


Sonja Popovska Trajkovska (North Macedonia)


Spatial installation

08.30 -12.00 pm

“Space” is installation that consists of a number of sculptures placed in the greenery in the relaxing area of the City Park. Constellation of forms creates space within the space - space that comes to life with support of light and colour.

Sonja Popovska-Trajkovska graduated sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. She is working as a teacher in elementary school. Sonja works in various materials, such as wood, metal and ceramics, as well as she embraces modern technology and explores new trends. She combines light with the three-dimensional forms, with music and with voice. Light complements the abstractness of the space created by the unfinished sculptures.

Sonja is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Macedonia. As a sculptor she is a regular participant in DLUM exhibitions.

MCM Building

Video Mapping Contest

projections every day at 8.30 -12.00 pm

Award Ceremony June 1, 9.00 pm

The first ever Video Mapping Contest!

Introducing originally created video works by nine international artists, finalists who are competing for the SKLAD 2019 Grand Prize. 


Jury members of SKLAD 2019 Video Mapping Contest:


Bettina Pelz (Germany)

Curator, Writer and Researcher


Aymen Gharbi (Tunis)

Architect and Curator


Milco Uzunov (North Macedonia)

Video mapping designer


Boban Manov (North Macedonia)

Video mapping designer

The Finalists of SKLAD 2019 Video Mapping Contest

FriedLAB/Goran Balaban (Serbia)


Video: Goran Balaban

Sound: Arsen Tatalovic


Goran Balaban graduated at Dunav Film animation school in 2000.

His background is in digital composite, 3d animation and particle FX. He has been doing VJ since 2000, video mapping, interactive video prototyping for installation's, exhibits and Live show's (TV, corporate event, music concerts and shows..etc) & interactive video prototyping for out of box video hardware systems for broadcast and motion tracking-capturing or reconstruction.

He worked for Exit Fest (main stage, dance arena), 2010 World EXPO Shanghai, 2012 Venetian Biennials, more than 20 theatre show's including international collaborations, corporate live event's (HBC Coca Cola, BMW, Mercedes, Nike, Adidas, Bosh..government projects), tv ( b92, metropolis, Politika), Fried Pictures Fx studio..

Flow: frequencies of real sense, from light via photogrammetry to CGI

Gligor Postolovski (North Macedonia)


Video production by Gligor Postolovski

Audio production by Dusan Zafirovski

Gligor Postolovski is graphic designer from Skopje. He graduated in graphic design in 2009 getting expertise in many fields of the graphic design including video production and postproduction.

He has been working for some of the most well known companies in Macedonia, such as DVD PET, DIVISION Marketing Agency, FX3X video production house and Autodesk Macedonia as a professional Autoddesk 3DS Max instructor.

Since 2017 Gligor Postolovski successfully runs his own videography and photography studio Focus Photography. We cover events with photography and video, 3D video mapping projects and photorealistic 3D visualization renderings both video and stills.

Jeremy Oury (France)

Sound &visual by Jeremy Oury

Jeremy Oury combines audio and visual skills to make singular mappings or digital installations and promotes a fresh vision of audiovisual arts. He focuses on a research about illusions from geometric distortions of Moiré's effects and works on immersive forms in order to place the viewer at the center of a minimalist virtual universe to disrupt his perception of space. He also pursues explorations into intermedia forms with creative programming and electroacoustic compositions with synaesthesic partitions in various ways (architectural mapping, led screen, fulldome, theatre). 

Jeremy Oury loves visual distortions and unexpected narrations. These sound partitions are inspired by abstract textures with several sound layers, radically transformed sounds and electronic sample playing with the full width of the spectrum. These video contents combine different geometric and abstract forms to create distortion and tension's games specific to minimalism. These creations immerse the spectator in a mix of light and shadow or even illusions.His artwork has been awarded in various international festivals.

John Sabbat  (Brazil)


Creation and sound by John Sabbat

Thanks to Adriana, my wife



With roots from the Amazon region is designer dedicated to video mapping.

A distinctive characteristic of John Sabbat’s aesthetic is found in his re-reading of architectural styles of Steam Punk and Cyber Punk Culture, and the architectural scientific fictions of the 20s and 30s.

His creation process is often based of his childhood where he seeks inspiration in the visual languages of the 80's and 90's, from which he uses his ludic and nostalgic memories. Last two years John Sabbat has been dedicated to festivals in Brazil and abroad.

The work presented at the SKLAD 2019 festival, has a very current theme, but apocalyptic cyber punk, where Gaia, one of the symbols that personify a force of nature, fuses with artificial intelligence!

Leandro Mendes VIGAS (Brazil)


Audio and video by Vigas (Leandro Mendes)


Leandro Mendes is multimedia artist who works with large-scale projections, light installations, 360º projections and live performance. The artist began his research in multimedia performances at the university in 2003. His immersive works has been presented in festivals like Amsterdam Light Festival - Amsterdam (Netherlands), SP Urban Digital Festival - São Paulo (Brazil), Circle of Light Moscow (Russia), Athens Digital Art Festival - Athens (Greece), SAT Festival Montreal (Canada), Sónar Festival de Barcelona (Spain) and Mutek Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Milosh Luczinsky (France)


Music by Dickson Dee, Nanyin by Cai Yayi

publishing by Noise Asia Publishing 2019 (CASH)

Milosh Luczinsky creates monumental multimedia installations, live media performances, and immersive kinetic spaces often filled or superposed with animated text verse; on the border of visual music and spatial augmented reality. His multilayered works explore fundamental questions related to time and space, and travel the boundaries of perception.

As a pioneer of Vjing in Europe in mid 90′s, he worked alongside electronic musicians such as Richard Pinhas, Laurent Garnier, Patrick Vidal« new music » composers (Dickson Dee aka Li Chin Sung, Krzysztof Knittel, Wilfried Wendling, Marek Choloniewsk) writers,poets (Bas Bottcher, Adam Wiedemann, Vincent Ravalec, Scott Thurston) and media artists such as Daïto Manabe. Participating in numerous and wide-ranging festivals (Paris, Beijing, Berlin, London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Bruxelles…) he has performed and exposed his works across the globe (Palais de Tokyo, Kunsthause Baselland, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, National Gallery Singapore, Museum of Modern Art Warsaw…).

MultiScalar (Venezuela/Germany)

”Transcendence I: Intersectionem”

Concept & Animation by Reinaldo Verde

Music by Gonzalo Schwindt

MultiSclar is a project focused on interdisciplinary and collaborative work in the field of digital art and media, whose work in the field of projection mapping has been featured in several important festivals all over Europe. MultiScalar creator, Reinaldo Verde, is a digital artist and designer from Venezuela based in Berlin. Originally schooled as an architect, he has worked as an independent digital artist in various fields within the scope of visual communication and has collaborated with renowned organizations in the German capital, such as Graft and Urban Nation, as a freelance designer and art director.


Originally from Buenos Aires, Gonzalo Schwindt is a Berlin based music producer and sound designer. A key collaborator for MultiScalar, he has extensive experience working in the video game industry and TV. He co-compose for the minimal classical band Counterpoint Negative, and is the producer behind Deus Ex Lumina, an atmospheric musical project from the label Cryo Chamber.

Katarzyna Najmajer (Poland)

”Human in the System. System in the Human.”

Animation & concept by Katarzyna Najmajer

Music by Patryk Chyliński


Kararzyna Najmajer is visual artist, live visual performer, producer of generative visuals, and architect. Graduate of Gdansk University of Technology. Winner of the first place at VJ Contest at Kyiv Lights Festival 2018 and the third place at Art Vision Vjing 2018 in Moscow. Finalist of Live Mapping Competition at LPM 2018 in Rome. She has presented her works at Factory Light Festival 2018 in Slemmestad, Norway, at Algorave LPM 2018 in Rome, Audio river Festival, Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival, Up To Date Festival.

Using her background in architecture, she explores the relation between sound and space. Based on a philosophy that the process of creating is as important as the final effect, she designs live organism changing during performance. Geometric compositions are inspired by the art movement of constructivism, where single elements are a part of a bigger composition. Correlations between objects create a tense emotional reaction. Generetive art is controlled by sound and the performer herself.

Petar John/Lux Aeterna

(North Macedonia)

Music: Aleksandar Grozdanovski - Herzel


Petar John is a creative voyager always trying to push his limits, stepping out of his comfort zone, motivated by the desire to evolve and explore. Finding inspiration in everyday life, he expresses his quiet creativity, utilizing a fusion of geometry, photography, sci-fi and art in general. His style can be described as minimalistic, enigmatic and experimental. The image making techniques are derived from his fascination in simple forms, architecture, metaphysics, light and shadow play. Based in Skopje, he’s the co-founder of Lazy KidzVisualz and 0Kolor. References: “Colorology” interactive installation, SkLAD, 2018 Skopje, “Sheraton Grand Doha” permanent mapping setup, 2018 Doha ,“Polymath” installation, Desonanz Festival, 2018 Skopje, “Nexus” video production for Herzel, 2018, “DHL-Macedonia” projection mapping, 2018 Skopje, “RWX - Hapesira” mapping and vjing, 2018 Pristina , “White Night” interactive installation, 2014 Skopje, “Skopje Remembers” video production, 2013 Skopje.

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