Sophie Guyot often addresses environmental themes, treated as metaphors for the general state of humanity. She regularly envisions huge spatial ambient that design-wise draw from nature and its habitats, but her frequent use of different industrial materials and artificial lighting introduces different semantic coordinates.


An installation of 45 illuminated cocoons, scattered on ground. Together, they form a compact entity - one which evokes starting of a life.



Maro Avrabou, visual artist and light designer works in both the field of visual arts and those of theatre, dance, and opera. Dimitri Xenakis, visual artist, is working in and with the landscape,
constantly renewing his artistic language to interact with the environment. They live in France and work in Europe, Asia, and South America. The two collaborate on works co-signed that question living spaces, points of view, forms and light. They work on all kind of projects dealing with urban and natural landscapes. Their designs deal with the landscape, the built, the urban furniture, and the light. Their installations, often monumental in size, are a dialogue with the sites, their morphology, their history, their identity. The social and environmental aspect and the human dimension are important elements of this approach; the consideration of the specificity of a site and the look that one can wear on it. Based on this, Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis work to create the link between the existing and the artistic intervention.


By amusing use of the plastic bags, creating a cabbages on an open market, this act puts its accent on the science, agriculture and the reuse of everyday objects.

Greenhouse effect

An installation that totally invades the space it’s in. Much like the automobile, who in its imaginary continuity, always finds a way to impose itself in our everyday lives.



Marko Batista is Ljubljana based tech-mixed-media artist, sound researcher, video experimentalist and AV performer, born in Tito’s Yugoslavia. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and finished Master of Arts degree from Central Saint Martins in London.

Marko Batista is a founding member of experimental multimedia group
Klon: Art: Resistance. In 2003 he collaborated on a project for 50th LA BIENNALE DIVENEZIA: VV2.


Interactive music and lighting project, in collaboration with the audience. The main idea is to give an opportunity to the audience to influence the moving pictures in real time.



Visual artist active in the world of art and light. Her site-specific artworks are integrated in various public places in Sweden and abroad, such as hospitals, schools, train stations and residential areas. She is also frequently exhibiting her light art installations and objects worldwide.

Good Ghosts

In the heart of the Old Skopje Bazaar, on a floor in an old, ruined house, every night a company of the good ghosts is gathering.

Light installation, made out of plastic bags with light source. A commentary on the general human negligence, and the neglected behavior of the people, which endangers the planet and its existence.

Color Wheels 

(created in collaboration with Athanassios Danilof)

Color wheels are light installation created as a perceptual instrument to examine the light and color experience through temporary lighting arrangements of color. This piece is inspired by the exciting history of the color examination.
Artists, scientists and academics like Leon Battista Alberti, Phillip Otto Runge and Johannes Itten, all the way to Isaac Newton, Hermann fon Helmholtz and Johann Wolfgang fon Goethe have developed various theories on how to understand and categorize the color. 

Color Wheels is created together with architectural lighting designer Athanassios Danilof 
in collaboration with Targetti Sankey Spa. 



KATJA PATERNOSTER has graduated at the faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. She works as an independent architect on various projects and also collaborates with other architectural practicies. She is active in the field of light design as well. Her subject of interest is exposing the current issues by using lighting installations in relation to the observer. Her works has been presented on many light festivals, such as  Lighting guerrilla in Ljubljana and Maribor, Visualia festival in Pula,Bellaskyway festival in Torun and Lumina festival in Cascais.

"Domesticated and wild"

The lighting installation titled ‘Domesticated and Wild’ directly approaches the phenomenon of coexistence of various creatures from different backgrounds in a common space. It is about the fusion of domestic and wild animals in a series of light objects by which the author tries to draw visitors’ attention to their secret cohabitation in the urban environment.



Born in 1969 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He visited the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, the direction of painting at prof. Gustav Gnamushu. In addition to painting, he is engaged in sculpture, spatial layouts and the production of unique artistic interior design. Since 1993 he has been active in artistic and social processes at AKC Metelkova City. He is one of the more involved artists in the creative process  several times awarded Host Celica. He co-authored over fifty radio plays produced on Radio Student, Ljubljana. Since 1998 he has been working and leaving on St. Andrej at Škofja Loka. He regularly attends various art workshops and plainair at home and abroad.


The Refugefishes over our heads are just a metaphor for the migrant wave we all witnessed and they symbolize our fears implied by the daily politics and its empty protagonists.



Born in Genova, Italy in 1975. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
Education: 2000 Fine Art Degree, Accademia Ligustica Di Belle Arti, Genova, Italy.

The focus of Alessandro Lupi’s artistic vision is light, explored using installations and new techniques in which color, space and time blend together dynamically. Each of his projects is a world in itself, concentrated around the concept of “inversion”, that is, the possibility of offering onlookers the opposite point of view to the one they expect. In his works, the dichotomy of opposite situations such as inside/outside, freedom/imprisonment, life/death is eliminated through near simultaneous perception of the two aspects, without preferring one to the other either perceptively or hierarchically.

Fluorescent densities

Fluorescent densities are series of installations of polyamide threads, each one of them painted over with a black, fluorescent color. 


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Theater group "SHADOWS AND CLOUDS"


The theater group "Shadows and Clouds" is completely dedicated on the shadows play. The theater was established in 2005 by Krume Stefanovski and soon after that got its first members. The main idea is to create an independent and mobile theater platform so that can reach people outside theaters and halls. The repertoire includes modern and old children stories adaptations. This theater is continuously searching for new ways of expression, tools, sounds and shadows.


A girl is searching for the real value, the happiness. We follow her search through 2 parallel worlds. The one we recognize, and in the other we dream. Changing takes the observers together in the search. In what world is your character that you recognize, in the world where we dream?



Emil Petro is a visual artist with strong scientific background that influences his artistic work. He is interested in multimedia arts, and often combines several different art techniques, developing own specific and unique artistic expression.

In 2002 he established his own creative design and motion graphic studio "ARTERIA", and since then he took part in various creative projects, media campaigns, theater as designer, animator, visual artist, photographer and artistic director. 

In 2017 Emil Petro achieve the award for best set design for play "Figurae Veneris Historiae" at Macedonian Theater Festival "Vojdan Chernodrinski" in Prilep.

"Добро утро, Мирдита, Јакшамлар - Good morning, good afternoon, good night!" ​

Video installation consisted of three pieces inspired from little invisible people and their visible/invisible stories in big, multicultural city Skopje. 



0-Kolor [zero color] is Skopje based collective that fuses bespoke motion content and spatial design offering new immersive experiences. Carved from the vjing nights with “Lazy Kidz Visualz”, Dimitar and Petar quickly started experimenting with different visual approaches in order to amuse, inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.


Colorology is interactive visual installation, controlled by the visitors. The audience will have the chance through playing with the colors to find out how the colors influence them, but also how the people could influence the final picture.



Martin Dimitrijev (light designer) and Boban Manov (visual designer) are audio-visual artists with over 8 years of working on live concerts, installations, and events. They collaborate with many famous artists and productions.

Together, both of them create light and visual designs for various TV shows and performances.


Music: Kiril Dzajkovski

Colorimetry is science and technology used to quantify and describe physically the color perception between eye and human brain. Human perception of colors is a subjective process whereby the brain responds to the stimuli that are produced when incoming light react.

In essence, different people see the same illuminated object or light source in different ways.




Born 1980 in Skopje Republic of Macedonia. Graduated Interior and Product Design.
Participated in few group exibitions. Main interest in modeling, laser cut, product design and
production, sculpture. Co-founder of Infini Art & Design Studio in Skopje, R. Macedonia.

"Silhouettes of the past"

The Silhouettes of the past are made out of 4 stylized illuminated figures, common for the past and for the strets of the Old Skopje Bazaar.



A cross-disciplinary artist working across the spheres of sound art, audio-visual performance and installation art. Noitu is mostly shifting throughout the fields of site-specific and environmental interventions by building immersive experiences merging sound, imagery and interactivity.


SCATTER_RADAR Is audio-visual performance, concentrated on the relationship between the observing, spatial, sensor and sound attention of the audience.

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